"I became a “Rookie” landlord for the first time a few years back. Big mistake trying to do it on my own and living in a different city. Last tenant I had was several month behind rent. I tried to evict them myself but to no avail.

I made the right choice by consulting Heart of Texas Rentals who came to my rescue and handled all of it for me. They have always exceeded our expectations with our rental property. From managing, leasing, taking care of repairs etc.

Pam Whitworth, consultant and representative for Heart of Texas Rentals and the team are there to protect my interests as well as any prospect interested in renting my home.

Thank you Heart of Texas Rentals, you have been a true life saver~"

ROBIN OWEN | Cedar Creek, TX

"I have worked with Heart of Texas Realty for about 10 years. I could not ask for better service. They are attentive to owner needs as well as tenant needs, prompt, detailed and courteous. I need a strong property management company. I want my tenants to live in well maintained and safe homes, but I also want my interest as an owner at the forefront. I found everything I was looking for in a property management company. If you are looking for a personable strong property management company, Heart of Texas Realty should be your choice."
SONDRA LOMENDOLA | Coronado Creek Properties

"The Heart of Texas Team has been a key partner in my investment success! Always responsible, responsive and respectful, this professional group of property managers excel at communication, record keeping and property care. My tenants are kept happy, while my properties are kept in tip top shape. Pam Whitworth is a valuable guide and friend to all who rely on her for guidance in the area’s marketplace for superior rental values. Best of all, knowing my assets are safe and in good hands let’s me sleep well at night! Thank you all, Heart of Texas Team!"